Green Credentials

Rock Cottage has been refurbished to be as environmentally friendly as possible for an historic property.

Green CredentialsThe hot water and heating comes from an eco friendly ground source heat pump system fed from the adjoining field.   400 meters of piping were buried about 1.2 metres deep in trenches in the field.  The pump unit in the corner of the kitchen pumps fluid round the field which heats to the temperate underground which is between 7 and 14 degrees centigrade.  That fluid is sufficiently warm to boil a gas in the pump unit which in turn heats the water.  The water circulates under the floor ensuring the cottage stays comfortably warm.   On cold evenings or winter days there are wood burning stoves to supplement the heating system. Isle of Wight Holiday CottageThe environmentally friendliness of the system depends on not wasting the heat generated and therefore the walls have been replastered with a traditional insulating lime plaster to retain as much heat as possible. This ensures the cottage is lovely and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The walls are painted with clay paint to protect the 200 year old stone by allowing it to breathe. All lighting in the cottage is low energy. green website hostingOur website is powered by environmentally friendly green website hosting.  

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